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specializing in

real estate,
commercial law, and dispute resolution




We offer quality legal services in the field of real estate law, including development, financing, transactions, administration, and dispute resolution. Our team has over 15 years of experience in providing legal services to international and local clients, including the largest retail chains, developers, banks, and real estate funds.

We carry out legal reviews of real estate and project companies for sellers, buyers, and financing parties.


In addition to representing our clients in the negotiation and signing of contractual documentation, we also offer transaction structuring, and drafting of contractual documentation.

Our firm also provides legal advice on the sale, purchase, and rental of land, houses, and apartments, including cooperative apartments.

We offer comprehensive legal services related to financing by banks, leasing companies, and non-bank stub projects. We have extensive experience in financing real estate, machinery, and motor vehicles, including railway vehicles.


We also negotiate and prepare

  • credit and leasing agreements, and related security documentation;

  • legal opinions, and issuance of confirmations on the validity and enforceability of contracts and collateral documents.


We represent providers and recipients of financing, including consumers.



High quality contractual documentation is the basis of a successful business relationship. We not only prepare these contracts – but we also understand what is intent behind them, and the associated risks and strengths for our clients in specific business relationships.

We prepare legal analysis and opinions on business law issues.


Our firm offers expertise in the structuring of national and international business transactions, and prepare contractual documentation, including contractual templates and business terms.

We provide our clients with legal services in all matters relating to business companies, cooperatives, and branches of foreign entrepreneurs.


Our services include establishing of companies, drafting of statutes, preparation of changes to companies and decisions of company bodies.

We can also assist in matters of transformations of business companies, transfers of shares in companies, leases and transfers of enterprises, and liquidation of companies.

We advise statutory bodies of housing cooperatives and associations of (residential and non-residential) units owners on issues of internal organization, and the holding of member meetings.


We represent our clients, both companies and individuals, in  court, enforcement, insolvency, criminal, and administrative proceedings. 

We also offer legal analysis and opinions regarding potential court cases, and estimate the probability of success in the dispute, and the costs of court proceedings.


We strive to present our clients with all possible scenarios when conducting dispute resolution, and the consequences of individual solutions.

We have extensive experience in litigation prevention and settlement agreements.


Our firm also offers formal opinions and analyses on the enforceability of receivables, preparation and negotiation of debt recognition agreements and payment schedules, service of pre-suit reminders, and representation for our clients in court proceedings for the payment of receivables.

We prepare promissory notes, submit promissory note payment orders, prepare objections, and represent clients in promissory note disputes.

Our team works closely with notaries, executors, and auctioneers in the preparation of security instruments, and the monetization of the debtor's assets.


We are highly efficient but adhere to ethical standards in debt collection. We are aware that reputation is essential for our clients.




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PAKOSTA LEGAL is a law firm providing quality legal services to businesses and individuals. We offer a wide range of services to our clients, but we are particularly valued for our extensive experience in real estate, financing, commercial law, corporate, dispute resolution, and debt collection. We regularly work with experienced tax advisors, experts, and other professionals. Understanding our client's needs, factual knowledge of the matters, and careful preparation are the foundations of our success. We also provide legal services in English and German.

Articles in newspapers and magazines



+420 605 915 565

Memberships in professional organizations

Member of the Czech Bar Association since 2009


Czech, English, German, Slovak


Masaryk University in Brno, Faculty of Law (Mgr., 2005)

Leopold-Franzens Universität in Innsbruck, Austria (2004)

Work experience

Prior to founding PAKOSTA LEGAL law firm, Viktor has over fifteen years of work experience with top tier international law firms.

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